Elevate your catering business, effortlessly

With Puree, you can transform the way you manage your catering business. Our platform is designed not just to facilitate the creation of impressive, easily adjustable quotes, but to revolutionize your entire operational process. Experience a seamless integration of all aspects of your business, from order management to event execution, ensuring efficiency and accuracy at every step.

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All-in-one catering application

At Puree, we've designed our app with one goal in mind: to give caterers all the functionality they need without overwhelming them with unnecessary features. It's the ultimate advantage of having an app built from the ground up by a caterer, for caterers. No more navigating through a maze of options, no more confusion. Just the tools you need to run your business smoothly and efficiently.

    • Quotes & Online Acceptances

      Puree elevates your catering proposals with beautifully designed, professional-looking quotes. They're not just comprehensive; they're crafted to impress with their elegance and clarity, enhancing your brand image. Creating these stunning quotes is quick and effortless in our intuitive app.

      The process is further streamlined with online quote acceptances. Email your quotes directly through Puree, and clients can approve them with a single click. This prompt acceptance triggers an automatic update to the order status, marrying beauty and efficiency in every proposal you send.

    • Event management

      Puree transforms event management with its automated 'Event Brief' docket, an essential tool for any event manager. This docket serves as a concise, comprehensive guide, containing all vital information needed to seamlessly manage an event. It’s designed for clarity and ease, ensuring that every event manager has immediate access to crucial details at their fingertips.

      Complementing this, Puree's 'Equipment Packing Lists' are equally automated and efficient. These lists are directly generated from the quote, meticulously outlining all necessary equipment for the event. This ensures thorough preparation and that nothing is overlooked. It’s an invaluable asset for meticulous organization, guaranteeing that every piece of equipment is accounted for and ready for the event.

    • Delivery orders

      Puree simplifies the delivery process with our intuitive creation of driver run-sheets. Effortlessly consolidate the day’s delivery orders by times, including those orders with multiple delivery times, assign drivers, and set departure times, all within our user-friendly interface. This process results in a clear and concise run sheet, available as a PDF, ensuring drivers have all the necessary information for efficient deliveries.

      Alongside, each order comes with a detailed driver docket. These dockets clearly outline the items to be delivered and their destinations, providing drivers with a straightforward guide to ensure every item reaches its intended location accurately and timely.

    • Kitchen management

      Puree enhances kitchen efficiency with easy-to-understand and clear chef dockets, aiding chefs in their culinary preparations. Additionally, the system adeptly handles updates for late notice orders. These critical changes are highlighted to ensure quick adaptation, keeping kitchen activities smooth and uninterrupted.

      Puree's kitchen management introduces our unique "consolidated view', greatly appreciated by chefs. This feature, accessible on both iPads and laptops, displays a comprehensive list of required menu items over various different time frames. It aids in efficient planning and stock management, allowing chefs to prepare in advance and adjust as needed for the days ahead.

    • Venue management

      Puree's Venue Management feature is a game-changer for caterers that own or manage one or more venues. This feature seamlessly integrates venue reservations and specific venue items directly into customer quotes. When creating a quote, the system intelligently indicates if a venue is already booked, ensuring no double bookings and maximizing venue utilization.

      Each venue benefits from its dedicated calendar, enhancing organization and scheduling clarity. What's more, these calendars sync effortlessly with Google Calendar, making it easy to view and manage venue bookings on mobile devices.

    • Reports

      Puree's reporting system offers in-depth insights, essential for strategic decision-making. Our reports cover a range of crucial data points. Firstly, you'll have a clear view of upcoming sales, enabling you to anticipate and prepare for future demand. Additionally, the system provides detailed analysis of items sold, including time-specific data like last month or last year, and revenue generated by categories. This means you can track not just the quantity of raspberry muffins sold, but also understand the overall revenue contribution from your baking category.

      Beyond product insights, Puree helps you identify your best customers, offering a breakdown that can inform your marketing and customer relationship strategies. The comprehensive sales report is another highlight, detailing all sales within specified periods, a valuable resource for your accounting team. These reports are designed to give a complete picture of your business performance, aiding in data-driven decision-making.

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Catering business excellence
Everything you need, all simplified

Embark on a journey of seamless efficiency and unparalleled convenience with Puree.app, the ultimate catering software solution. Crafted meticulously with the unique needs of caterers in mind, our platform revolutionizes the way your catering business operates. From generating professional, detailed quotes with ease to streamlined delivery and logistics management, Puree.app covers every aspect of your business. Enjoy the power of automation in creating customer menus, tracking equipment, and integrating with essential services like Xero and Google Calendar. With a comprehensive 7-day consolidated view, manage your orders, supplier interactions, and kitchen workflows effortlessly. Puree.app is not just a tool; it's your partner in achieving catering business excellence, ensuring every detail is simplified, every process optimized, and every client experience elevated.

Our customers are loving Puree!

We have amazing customers! It's one thing to recognise that you need solid systems and processes in place to improve and grow your catering business, it's another thing to make the effort and make the change.

    • I own Regis Banqueting Ltd and just wanted to drop a quick E-mail to say thank you for all your support and help with us coming onboard with Puree and Kirsty and the team have found you and the software first class and are looking forward to a long business relationship with you an the team.

      Ryan Longmuir
      Manging Director of Regis Banqueting
    • Puree has made our company so much more efficient and accurate. The chef and driver dockets are clear, detailed and easy to read which brings reduced human error, and the seamless transitions from quote to invoice to dockets reduce our admin time by approximately 3 hours per week. Couldn't recommend more!

      Amy Klitscher
      CEO at the Sustainable Food Co
    • The PUREE app has made our catering business run much more efficiently and smoothly. Since using the app, we have eliminated room for error in taking and fulfilling orders. The app provides a very easy and user friendly interface, customised to suit our business perfectly. The customer service is absolutely outstanding and alway on hand for any questions or queries. I can not recommend PUREE enough to anyone who has a catering company, I only wish we found them earlier!

      Amy Taylor
      CEO at Kex Kitchen
    • We were looking for a cost effective and easy to use event and catering software solution, we found Puree. The team have been great to work with. Would recommend without hesitation.

      Cory Anderson
      Manager Commercial Services

It all starts with a quote.

It's all about getting that first step right! A caterer can spend countless hours preparing quotes, with multiple variations to boot. But with Puree, creating a quote is a breeze. Our app streamlines the process and allows you to present your customers with a detailed and professional proposal in a matter of minutes. Imagine all the extra time you'll have to perfect your recipes and wow your clients. Let Puree take care of the paperwork, so you can focus on what you do best!

Logistics are a breeze.

Running a busy catering company can be a juggling act, with a million moving parts to keep track of. But don't worry, Puree is here to make your life a whole lot easier! Chefs can view all their orders in a snap, whether it's just one customer or a whole day's worth. Packing slips for equipment are a breeze to prepare, delivery drivers get detailed dockets, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Let Puree take the stress out of catering management, so you can focus on what you do best, serving up delicious meals and amazing events!

Ease of use for everyone, Technical skills optional

At Puree, we know that caterers are masters at creating mouthwatering dishes and putting on unforgettable events, not spending hours in front of a computer. That's why we're giving you the opportunity to test drive our app for free. Give it a spin and if you find the learning curve a little steep, don't worry! We're here to help will provide the required assistance with implementing Puree into your business. Trust us, it'll be a piece of cake (or quiche, or crème brûlée, you get the idea).

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Email us at email@puree.app and we will be more that happy to help.

    • What's not included in the PUREE.app package?

      We've focused on creating the most essential tools for managing a busy catering company. PUREE.app is a quote-generating powerhouse and we've included all the necessary features to help you with logistics once the quote is accepted. At the moment, PUREE.app won't build you a website for online orders and we don't have a kitchen profitability analysis feature. But don't worry, you can use a variety of third-party providers for those services. We're all about streamlining the important stuff, so you can focus on making delicious food.

    • What are your terms?

      At PUREE.app, we believe in keeping things simple. That's why we offer a straightforward subscription model that charges a fair, monthly fee for access to our amazing app. And don't worry about being locked in - our plans are flexible and you can cancel at any time. But with all the powerful features and user-friendly interface we've packed into our app, we're confident that you'll love it so much, you'll never want to cancel. Give it a try, you won't regret it!

    • Is it difficult to set-up?

      The app is a breeze to use, but don't be fooled - getting your business set up on PUREE.app might take a bit of elbow grease. Think of it like moving into a new house - it takes a bit of work to get settled, but once you do, it's smooth sailing from there. You'll need to add all your menu items, equipment, and prices, but trust us, it's worth it. And if you ever feel like you're in over your head, don't worry - we're here to lend a helping hand

    • Where are you based?

      PUREE.app hails from the beautiful land of Wellington, New Zealand! Our team is based in the capital city, where we work hard to bring you the best catering management tool out there. So whether you're located in Wellington or halfway across the world, you can trust that PUREE.app has the global perspective to take your catering business to the next level.

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